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About ACMP Global

Vision & Mission

ACMP’s vision is to lead the way change works. Our vision statement reflects an aspiration to innovate and lead change practices, in addition to managing change. Our focus is on using our professional expertise to achieve business and organizational results.

ACMP’s mission is to serve as an independent and trusted source of professional excellence, advocate for the discipline and create a thriving change community. Our mission statement reflects our commitment to our members that ACMP will advocate globally for the recognition of the existence and value of our profession.

What We Do

ACMP is the leading resource for the global community of individual change management practitioners. By facilitating connections between its membership community and commercial, government, nonprofit and educational organizations of all sizes, ACMP provides a community for its members to belong, learn, and thrive.

Specifically, ACMP:

Provides change management knowledge and recognition by establishing the Standard, maintaining a resource library and hosting the leading global conference on Change Management;

Promotes practitioner career growth through the QEP and CCMP programs, webinars, and learning opportunities at global, regional and local events; and,

Facilitates professional networking and connections through conferences (global and regional), chapter participation and virtual opportunities to connect.

ACMP Global: Welcome
Colleagues Working Together

ACMP Connect

ACMP Connect is a member-only community for sharing insights, expertise, resources and inquiries about change management and a space to network and build connections. All ACMP members are subscribed to this open forum. Each chapter has its own space.

The Ontario Chapter  space ( brings together members from across the Province for the very first time in an open forum. You will benefit from engagement with practitioners from all parts of the province as well as networking, sharing experience and offering ideas and opportunities to build out skills in the profession. Members are encouraged to use Connect as a discussion board to seek or provide support and direction to other members in the community.

ACMP Connect brings members together regardless of geographic location. As a member you’ll benefit from access to diverse backgrounds, approaches and experience of other community members and tools to help you deliver greater value. You will also be able to interact and learn from thousands of change practitioners from around the globe on a broad spectrum of Change Management topics.

Join in the conversation to connect with fellow members in Ontario or around the world and learn more about emerging trends!

ACMP Global: About
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