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Make a Difference

Interested in being part of Ontario’s change management community and volunteering your time to make a difference? We’re looking for enthusiastic and friendly members to welcome and share the benefits of being an ACMP member locally through the board and its committees.  If you are a member of ACMP, please consider joining our team whether you’re a new, transitioning, seasoned or retired practitioner. If not, you can learn more about the benefits of becoming a member and join today.

Committee Descriptions

Marketing and Communications Committee

  • This committee ensures we are regularly interacting with members to share relevant chapter information, as well as executing the overall Marketing and Communications strategy. 

Events Committee

  • This committee builds all the events ACMP Ontario holds, including outreach, learning and networking events.

Partnership and Sponsorship Committee

  • This committee works to seek out sponsorship to offset the costs of all the events ACMP Ontario hosts.

Member and Volunteer Relations Committee

  • This committee supports membership recruitment, onboarding, engagement and retention to welcome and share the benefits of being an ACMP member locally.

Positions Currently Available

Complete the form below if you are interested in one of these exciting volunteer opportunities.

We currently have many ways for you to volunteer with ACMP Ontario. ​

  • Member, Communications Committee

  • Member, Parterships and Sponsorship Committee

  • Member, Membership and Volunteer Engagement Committee 

  • Member, Events Committee

Volunteer: Get Involved
Sharla and Joanne welcome attendees

How would you  like to  help

If you are an ACMP member, please complete the form below and the ACMP Ontario Volunteer Director will be in touch with you shortly to discuss your interest. We currently seeking assistance with several roles on committees as described above.

Are you an ACMP Member?
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Volunteer: Job Application
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